A Busy Day In My Sports World

Where to start?

  • Austin Rivers declares for the NBA:  Talk about my dream come true.  I wrote recently about how Austin Rivers was just plain bad for Duke.  Rivers is a nice kid.  He’s got a great Dad.  He should be a great pro in the NBA.  I truly wish him well.  He just wasn’t a good fit for Duke.  I wouldn’t categorize him like Corey Maggette, who also played for Duke for only 1 season.  He was just a punk.  Rivers has tons of talent but doesn’t like to pass the ball or play defense, hallmarks of the Duke program.
  • Mason Plumlee is considering leaving Duke early:  Okay, this is bad.  I think Mason is more talented than his brother, Miles.  His growth was hampered when Rivers refused to share the ball.  He should be better in his senior season, if he chooses to stay.  I really didn’t see this coming, and it’s a major bummer.
  • Joba Chamberlain is likely gone for the season:  The Yankees weren’t due to get Joba back until summertime.  Now, they won’t get him back at all.  I don’t think I could be more disappointed in how the great class of recent young pitchers from our farm system have panned out, as I detailed here.  There’s no question this is a disappointment.  We definitely could have used Joba out of the bullpen, if only to eat up innings.  And, we have to wait at least another year to know if he can still pitch in the majors, unless this latest injury turns out to be career ending.

So, a quick tally of our scores shows 1 positive and two pretty negative sports bits for my favorite teams.  Bleh.

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