Duke’s Season Ends Early

Duke made history tonight by being the second team today to lose to a #15 seed.  It’s only happened 5 times before today.  No doubt many of Duke’s diehard fans will say that the absence of Ryan Kelly (injured) was a principal factor.

For me, it comes down to our best player, Austin Rivers.  I’m hoping my prayers are answered and Austin declares for the NBA draft.  The sooner the better.

Austin Rivers is incredibly talented.  And selfish.  He doesn’t like to pass the ball,and never met an offensive player he wanted to D up.  He’ll be perfect in the NBA.  Because of the way he played, we never got to exploit our size advantage in the post.  We also had to play a guy at the point (Tyler Thornton) who wasn’t great on offense because he was assigned to play D on the opposing team’s point guard, since Rivers couldn’t be bothered.

I understand that one-and-done players are part of college basketball now.  But, I hope Coach K has learned his lesson and doesn’t let these kids rule our program in the future.

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  1. I know I’m a Tarheel fan, but kudos to you for telling the truth! Rivers was the downfall of that team and Coach K for as good as his career has been seems to always placate those types of players.
    On another note, I’ll be in Chicago for the NRA show, so let’s catch up if you’re going to be there.

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