About the Worst Thing That Could Happen To AA

It was reported today that US Airways has been discussing a takeover bid with creditors that sit on the panel that will ultimately help shape AA post-bankruptcy.

A quick rundown of why this is really bad:

1.  USAirways treats their customers pretty poorly.  They’ve tried to charge for pretty much everything, such as soda, water, etc.

2.  The unions of the US Airways before the merger of US Air and America West have not come to an amicable agreement on seniority.  A national mediation board had to dictate terms to them.  The merger was in 2005.

3.  US Airways still has major problems with it’s unions.  The union took out a full page ad in USA Today last year claiming US Air has serious security issues.  US Airways decided the best way to handle the matter was to file an injunction against their pilots.

4.  Did I mention their customer service sucks?

AA has enough problems with it’s own unions.  It really doesn’t need to create more.  And, I highly doubt a merger with US Air would be better for AA elites.

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  1. Doug Parker today said that he hates industry consolidation. It was voted best quote of the conference but he declined the distinction, which then went to the #2 far less interesting quote 🙂

    I would actually like to see this happen.

    1) My big stash of US miles would become AA miles
    2) AA would have a dominant presence at DCA

    US Airways is getting better. They’re outstanding at on-time arrivals. They’ve added first class to their regional jets. They’re rolling out wifi to their fleet over the next year.

    Granted, onboard food will suffer.

    1. Doug Parker hates industry consolidation about as much as a crack addict hates their next fix.

      I’m sure you would enjoy US Air infecting AA, especially for the reasons you’ve mentioned. However, AA already has F on a number of regional jets and WIFI is already pretty prevalent.

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