Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review

I find myself in Vegas on business a few times a year, and the Cosmopolitan has become my go-to property.  The crowd there tends to be younger and a bit more, well, Cosmopolitan.  It’s affiliated with Marriott, so there are points to be earned.  I don’t go out of my way to earn Marriott points, and I wouldn’t do so in Vegas.  But, the extra points are a nice perk, especially if you find the Marriott program valuable.

I find the property well located, part of the City Center project across from MGM Grand.  I hate driving on the Strip, it’s become something of a nightmare over the years.  And, most of my business is usually elsewhere.  If renting a car, it’s easy to pop out the back onto Harmon and get to Dean Martin Drive, which will get you to the highway or other key areas.

The decor in the public spaces is a bit garish.  That’s kind of the point for casinos.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

One of the reasons I like Cosmo is because the hotel has actual balconies, which are rare in Vegas.  To my knowledge, all the rooms have a balcony.  The views of City Center are nice night and day, and there’s comfortable seating.

Cosmopolitan Las VegasCosmopolitan Las Vegas

The rooms themselves are quite spacious.  My room had a separate bedroom and living room area, with a sort of dressing area in between.  Unlike a lot of Vegas hotel rooms, this one has a good desk for business travel, plenty of plugs and lighting with a television right above.  Another TV in the bedroom, and plugs bedside along with plenty of lighting.

Cosmopolitan Las VegasCosmopolitan Las Vegas

I especially like the bathroom as well.  There’s a deep soaking tub that looks out onto the balcony.  I prefer a bright room with natural light (one of the reasons I stopped staying at Aria, too dark).  The shower is part of the same area as the bathtub, so tons of natural light.  Only downside here is that the bathtub area opens out into the bedroom.  The shower area also has a window into the bedroom, with a venetian blind on the bedroom side.  Not the most family friendly.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I didn’t spend a ton of time in the property this trip, nor have I in the past.  There’s a fair amount of shopping, and the property is well-located.  It’s an easy walk to any other City Center property as well as Planet Hollywood and Bellagio.

On this most recent trip we ate in the breakfast restaurant.  It was reasonably priced with a good quality meal.  I’ve heard good things about most of the restaurants there, including the hidden pizza place.  You can Google for directions on how to find it.  There’s no actual sign, which is supposed to be part of the fun.  I wouldn’t categorize it as the best pizza I’ve ever had (and I think Rocco’s in Las Vegas may have better pizza), but definitely one of the best I’ve had West of the Mississippi.

There are two towers of rooms (West and East).  I’ve been in the West tower before, but this was my first stay in the East tower.  Apparently, there’s a nightclub on the roof of the casino which one side of the East tower overlooks.  I’m a pretty light sleeper, and the music from the club is loud.  It went until about 3 in the morning.  I asked for a room change the next morning.  They were happy to accommodate, but the club wasn’t open the second night I was there.

Other than the nightclub issue, it was a relatively uneventful stay.  It’s a well-located property, and since it’s relatively new everything is in a good state of repair. Like most properties on the Strip right now, there are plenty of deals to be found.

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  1. I like Rocco’s too although I like the pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan better. But a lot of time with pizza I find it depends on when you go. Sometimes the pizza crust at the Cosmo can be overly crisp and other times its amazing. My new favorite place is Those Guys Pies on the West side of Vegas.

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