Yankee Stadium

NYC Soda Ban Upheld by Health Board

A new low for government intervention has been ratified. Mayor Bloomberg received approval from the NYC Health Board to ban sodas, sweetened teas and juices in sizes bigger than 16 oz.  A nod to Ron for sending the article along to me. As I mentioned when I wrote about this earlier, I don’t actually drink a lot of soda.  But, this is so far overreaching, it just doesn’t make any sense.  Apparently, convenience stores like 7-Eleven must have better lobbyists because the ban doesn’t cover your Big Gulp, just your […]

Mariano Rivera

I hope everyone won’t mind a brief moment to contemplate some sadness in my sports world. I always thought I would be a bit sad to see Mariano Rivera retire.  But in the same sense I thought it would be a happy moment, a celebration of the past 15 years, replete with championships and records, and the winning smile and attitude even his competitors couldn’t knock. We had hints that this might be the last year, and I was at peace with that.  But, not like this. He tore his […]