Monthly Airplane Wi-Fi Reliability Report Card: March 2019

Wi-Fi is so critical for me on airplanes, and yet so unreliable. I’ve begun tracking my success rate with Wi-Fi on different carriers to see if my frustration in the moment matches my results. So far, with almost half of my flights experiencing some sort of Wi-Fi issues, my frustration seems appropriate.

Southwest Is The First Domestic Airline To Enable Wifi For Entire Flights

From Southwest’s website: It doesn’t take long to get up to 10,000 feet, so it’s not like Southwest is millions of miles ahead of Gogo.  But, since they have ubiquitous satellite Wifi on planes (unlike UA or AA’s and DL’s ground-based wifi) they get to trumpet this achievement a few steps ahead of at least United Airlines. And, setting aside my own preference to fly carriers other than Southwest, $8 per day for wifi is pretty darn reasonable considering the competition.  $5 movies on your devices isn’t quite as good […]

A Surprise Test Of United Airlines’ New Wi-Fi Service

After a quiet remembrance of 9/11 yesterday, it’s back to talking about the world of travel.  Incidentally, yesterday was a very interesting travel day.  I ended up on three different flights so got to see a lot of heightened awareness everywhere I went. My first two flights of the day were on American Airlines.  I’ve grown so accustomed to having wi-fi on their flights and it still amazes me how big a difference it makes being able to stay connected and get work done in flight.  I actually got a […]