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Weekly Review For July 12, 2015

Did you miss anything this week? There’s still cheap flights to Hawaii and a $400 discount to Qantas, along with posts about my mid-year status check, the United Airlines shutdown, American Airlines merger update, cheap flights in Greece and more.

Winners, And You Can Still Get A Free Travel Assistant For 2 Months

Even though I drew the winners today for the free travel assistant for a year, you can still redeem the code PIZZAINMOTION for 2 free months.  Here are the instructions: Navigate to their sign-up page and you’ll see a link labeled “I have a referral or promotion code”.  Plug in the code: PIZZAINMOTION.  That’s it.  2 free months. Now, for our winners: Elaine left this comment: Hi, I surfed over here thanks to Trevor’s tweet. What I’m booking right now is a month in southern Africa and it is a challenge. […]