Winners, And You Can Still Get A Free Travel Assistant For 2 Months

Even though I drew the winners today for the free travel assistant for a year, you can still redeem the code PIZZAINMOTION for 2 free months.  Here are the instructions:

Navigate to their sign-up page and you’ll see a link labeled “I have a referral or promotion code”.  Plug in the code: PIZZAINMOTION.  That’s it.  2 free months.

Now, for our winners:

Elaine left this comment:


I surfed over here thanks to Trevor’s tweet. What I’m booking right now is a month in southern Africa and it is a challenge. Indeed, I never use travel agents but this time I am working with one. I’d love to try out Native and wonder whether they specialize in the US and/or any other part of the world?

I’m also looking for a place to go that’s a nonstop away from Tucson, so I can run away from the heat for a few days during an August obligation there . Is that the kind of question they could help with?

Thanks for introducing us to Native. Hope I win!


Our second winner, Judy, said:

At first I did not think I would need them for awhile as I planned most of my trip next month. Then I saw comments about help with restaurants, public transportation etc and it seems like it can save a bunch or research time. This will be great! Thanks.

Congrats, guys!  Drop me a line at ed -at- milepoint dot com to collect your price.


  1. Thanks for doing this, Ed. Question – how long is your signup code good for? If I wanted to push it a month before signing up, will that work?

  2. Ed – Native’s site mentions “Full-service flight search and booking.” Any idea if they also book award flights or only revenue tickets?

    1. Ed – Please disregard my question. I found the answer in the comments on one of your other posts. Thanks for sharing the info about this app and putting on this contest.

    2. Michael, it’s something that they’re currently exploring. I think the general answer right now is that they can probably perform basic searches. Not sure they’re set up for detailed multi-city bookings.

  3. Ed – I signed up through Native’s site using your code, but when I access the iPhone app it only shows I have a 7 day trial. Every time I attempt to enter your code on the iPhone app, the app crashes. I’ll reach out Native for assistance, but wanted you to know in case any of your other readers are experiencing similar issues.

  4. Thank you!! I just sent you an email and I am just thrilled to be a winner. Thanks for the contest and for introducing us all to Native!

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