Milepoint Giveaways! A Seat on StarMegaDO 5 And A Free Rimowa Suitcase

I always think it’s pretty cool to win something unexpected.  But, I also enjoy watching somebody win something, probably almost as much as I like winning something myself.  That’s why I’m pretty happy about two contests we’re hosting on Milepoint right now: First, we’re giving away a free seat on StarMegaDO5.  If you haven’t been on a MegaDO yet, they’re the ultimate travel junkie field trip.  Visit Boeing in Seattle?  Check.  Fly to Europe and back for an overnight visit and hundreds of pounds of cheese?  Check!  First US charter […]

News And Notes For Friday, May 31, 2013

Don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite finalist of the Briggs & Riley TORQ suitcase giveaway for your chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Mommy Points has an awesome first week breakdown this year’s Daily Getaways deals from US Travel Association and American Express.  If you’re not familiar with the Daily Getaways, they generally represent really good deals on travel from various sources.  A big key here is to make sure you use your AMEX card to pay, as that offers you a 10% discount on […]

Summarizing My Year In Flight

This was one of my busier years in the air.  I keep track of my flights using a program called Flight Memory.  I’m pretty sure I got the majority of my flight but I might have missed one or two.  Some year-end factoids: 150,000 miles flown, or just a total of 6 times around the Earth.  That amounted to a total of 16 days in the air, or just shy of 5% of the year on airplanes.  123 planes in total.  No surprise my flight to Tokyo was the longest […]

Visiting Toronto: Westin Harbor Castle, Toronto Review

The Westin was our final stop in our trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Sheraton Centre Toronto first. Then, on to Niagara falls (read here and here), with a stay at the Sheraton on the Falls. I also previously detailed things to do in Toronto. The Westin is located right on the lake, not far from the Stadium and CN Tower.  It’s probably about 15 minutes from Sheraton Centre Toronto.  Other than the lakefront, which didn’t seem that active during our short one-night stay, there’s not […]

Visiting Toronto: Things To Do Around Town

Previous posts about our trip to Toronto: Sheraton Centre Toronto We didn’t have a ton of time in Toronto but did manage to squeeze in a few fun activities. Rogers Centre/Toronto BlueJays: A short walk from a bunch of downtown properties, Rogers Centre is a good place to take in a baseball game.  It’s got a retractable roof which gave way to a sun-filled baseball day.  The stadium was probably no better than half full, a good barometer of a last-place team.  On Saturdays during the summer, the team caters […]

Visiting Toronto: Sheraton Centre Toronto

This summer was a heavy emphasis on Canada travel.  If you haven’t been following along, we had a family trip to Halifax a few weeks ago.  You can read my hotel review and suggestions for things to do. Just a few weeks later found us in Toronto, all visiting for the first time. We had a crystal clear day flying in which yielded a great view (other than the glare of the sun off the window) of downtown, including CN Tower and the waterfront. We had two separate stays there, […]

Hitting The Century Mark

On my way back from Denver last night, I hit 100,000 miles flown for the year.  Now, most of my frequent traveler friends will chuckle at that, having surpassed that number earlier in the year.  But, for most mere mortals, 100,000 miles seems like a lot.  So, I figured I’d provide a bit of a breakdown.  First, here’s an overview of what 100,000 miles looks like in terms of time. That’s a whopping 265 hours (or 11 days) of the first 8 months of the year on airplanes.  And, just […]

Where Are You Going On Vacation This Summer?

I would guess that most people think of the start of summer as whenever their kids are done with school.  Or, if you’re a kid, then it’s definitely when you’re done.  Since my wife is a school teacher (well, until August anyway), that’s always been the start of summer for her. For me as an adult, summer never really felt like it was here until the 4th of July rolled around.  Getting stuck on a plane in June thunderstorms can sometimes evoke the feeling of summer as well. 🙂 As […]