Up to 2,000 Bonus Miles On The AAdvantage Shopping Portal

Another decent bonus opportunity for bonus miles from the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal. Through October 16th, 2014, earn: 500 miles for $100 in spending 1,000 miles for $300 in spending 2,000 miles for $500 in spending Gone are the days where you could buy a bunch of gift cards to rack up spending on shopping portals, but there are still a litany of things you can buy online.  The AAdvantage shopping portal has hundreds of vendors, including Groupon, Apple, Staples, Nordstrom, Gap, Toys R Us, and Walmart.  There’s a […]

Back To School And Mileage Specials On Airline Shopping Malls

There are some decent offers out for the airline shopping malls right now if you have back to school shopping to do, and I would expert more soon. First, United has a promotion where you can earn up to 2,000 bonus miles. It’s essentially a 500-mile bonus for every $125 you spend, up to a total of 2,000 bonus miles. American Airlines is out with some individual bonus offers for specific merchants. Staples is up to 3 miles instead of 2. Magazines are 25 miles per dollar instead of 20. […]

American Airlines Is Giving Bonus Shopping Miles For Christmas

American Airlines is giving away bonus miles for specific spending thresholds on their shopping portal for the Christmas season.  Through December 2, you can earn bonus miles in 3 tiers:   This essentially breaks down to an extra 10 points/dollar as long as you hit one of the three spending thresholds.  All of these are certainly easy enough to hit if you consider your day-to-day purchases along with any holiday gifts.  And, this offer is a whole lot better than last year’s offer of 500 miles for every $250 spent. […]

A Bit Of Old News: Office Depot Bad, Staples Good For Gift Card Purchases With Ink Bold Card

There’s been a lot written by travel bloggers about buying gift cards at office supply stores to earn lots of points.  I’ve been involved with it for a while myself, though not to the extreme of some.  I know I’m supposed to get a Bluebird card and pump it up with Vanilla Reloads.  Heck, View From The Wing pretty much demands it of me, daring me to prove him wrong.  And, he’s right.  But, I’m lucky enough to earn a ton of points through my work expenses and I’m just […]

Office Depot’s New Gift Card Lineup Makes It A Bit Easier To Earn 5 Points Per Dollar On Amazon Purchases

The game of collecting miles and points has, like most things in life, easy parts and hard parts.  For people just getting started, I like to advise them to focus on the low hanging fruit.  For me, that’s usually cards like Chase Sapphire and Ink Bold. One of the benefits I enjoy the most with Ink Bold is the 5 points per dollar you earn on all office supply purchases.  Because of the exceptional variety of gift cards available at your local Staples, Office Depot or Office Max, you can […]