Back To School And Mileage Specials On Airline Shopping Malls

There are some decent offers out for the airline shopping malls right now if you have back to school shopping to do, and I would expert more soon.

First, United has a promotion where you can earn up to 2,000 bonus miles.

Airline Shopping Malls

It’s essentially a 500-mile bonus for every $125 you spend, up to a total of 2,000 bonus miles.

American Airlines is out with some individual bonus offers for specific merchants.

Staples is up to 3 miles instead of 2.

Magazines are 25 miles per dollar instead of 20.

Sears is 6 miles instead of 3.

HP is 4 miles instead of 2.

I wouldn’t call any of the AAdvantage deals stellar, but if you’re shopping for an appliance it may make sense to buy it online at Sears instead of going into the store.

And, the United Airlines MileagePlus offer is up to 2,000 miles on top of whatever else you earn from shopping through the mall.

Maximize your miles by purchasing through these shopping portals, and all those little chunks of bonus miles will add up to a nice vacation sooner than you think!

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