Know Before You Go. Uncharged Electronic Devices May Be Confiscated Flying To United States

The Department of Homeland Security and TSA have asked a number of foreign airports to prevent passengers from boarding flights with electronic devices they can’t power up. Thanks to reader Tommy V for passing this along.  For now, this appears to just affect airpots outside the US operating nonstop service to US: The new measures apply to some airports in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Passengers will have to turn on the electronic devices while being screened by security personnel to prove that the devices are harmless, the T.S.A. […]

TSA Pre-Check Makes a Perfect Landing at Dulles

I crossed my fingers on the way to the airport this morning.  Today was the day Dulles airport had announced that TSA Pre-Check would launch. The airport had blown through the first deadline they established to have security open upstairs, so it wasn’t entirely clear to me that they would make today’s deadline. So I was pleasantly surprised when I headed upstairs this morning and saw the lights were on in the Pre-Check area.  Now, it was pretty early and still dark out, so I had to get a bit […]