US Customs Computers Had An “Outage” Tonight. What Does That Mean?

I was watching television with my wife when I started to see tweets that didn’t look good.  Maybe I’m just sensitive after the recent Atlanta airport power outage.  I hadn’t really contemplated what a sustained “outage” of the CBP processing systems would look like.  What would the ramifications be?

It seemed like the (relatively) short outage tonight yielded some long lines and angst.

It Appears The System Was Down For A Couple Of Hours.  Then, This From The CBP

What Does This Mean?

How were they screened?

How did they have access to the national security-related databases but not the processing systems?

And, well, why not tell people when the outage started?

I can’t imagine there will be a detailed explanation of what happened being released anytime soon.  Systems break, stuff happens.  It’s on matters like this that I question the oversight CBP has.  I sure hope someone gets a full explanation.  And, I hope they work on redundant solutions.

But, I still wouldn’t mind knowing how all those people got screened during an outage.

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