Revenue-based Earning

American Airlines Rolling Out a Bunch Of (Semi) Expected Changes

We were expecting revenue-based earning to be announced by American Airlines at some point. It looks like we are getting a lot more announcements today than just that.

American Airlines Had No Real Choice In Deciding Whether To Move To Revenue-Based Earning

Evolution is a part of any industry. Finding better ways to target customers for rewards is the current evolution phase of the airline industry. This, at the same time that they fight a battle against low-cost carriers, and not on their own terms. So, are these choices? Or has the die already been cast?

It Appears American Airlines Has Determined Their Changes To The AAdvantage Program In 2016

It’s been a crazy 36 hours or so of rumors about what American Airlines has planned for 2016. And, while some changes seem “real”, I have doubts about some others. There’s plenty here to believe, question and challenge. What’s your opinion?