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Marriott Quietly Removes Elite Benefits From Online Travel Agency Bookings

Marriott quietly made a change that’s likely to have a big impact on frequent travelers. Loyalty program members will no longer have elite benefits on stays booked through online travel agencies (OTAs). Will all Marriott properties be enforcing this rule, or will it be selectively enforced? Are you willing to risk it?

Just Because You Can Book A Ticket Through An Online Travel Agency……

Sites like Expedia and Orbitz make it so easy to search for travel, don’t they? But, they’re not a replacement for a real travel agent. Nor are they a replacement for common sense. A recent situation yields some tips for how to protect yourself from issues booking with an online travel agency.

How Marriott’s Partnership With TripAdvisor May Deliver Them Higher Ratings (And Profit)

The Marriott partnership with TripAdvisor is an interesting one. Marriott is the only major top-tier chain to negotiate a direct booking deal with TripAdvisor (Best Western has one as well). What does this mean for the accuracy of TripAdvisor’s rankings? How about the future of companies like Expedia and Orbitz?

$200 GIVEAWAY: Test Driving A New Hotel Booking Engine

I’ve been testing a new hotel booking engine that I really like and I wanted to share it with you.  There’s a lot to cover, including how it works, a first-time booking discount and a pretty cool giveaway. Full disclosure, I don’t make a lot of my bookings through online travel agencies (OTAs).  I use them to search for what I need and ultimately book at the hotel chain’s website for virtually 100% of my bookings.  I don’t stack some of the small rebates out there, though I know plenty that […]

Help Me Test A New Blog Widget

While I enjoy blogging, I don’t consider myself a technology expert when it comes to the pieces that make this blog “go”.  The folks at Boarding Area are the people behind the scenes making sure all those parts work the way their supposed to.  They recently asked me to test a new widget on my site. It’s been hanging out for a week or so and doesn’t seem to be causing any technical issues, so I wanted to ask you to let me know if you think it serves any […]