So Much To Catch Up On For Friday, November 8th, 2013

I missed a bunch of stories while I was away at Disney this past week and then headed right back out on the road for work, so I’m still trying to get my faithful readers caught up on the world of travel. But, we look forward to the future first.  American Airlines has been rumored to have an announcement today.  Bloggers have been hypothesizing all kinds of things.  Based on the lawsuit and settlement talks, and in the face of United Airlines’ Black Friday devaluation, I just can’t imagine that […]

A Good Reason To Collect Points You’re Not Sure You’ll Use

Practice what you preach, I say.  But, it’s not what I actually do.  I always preach collecting points or miles when they’re a good value even if you’re not sure when you’re going to use them. Club Carlson, which represents the Radisson brand among others, announced a reprisal of a pretty awesome promo from last year.  Everyone was talking about it. View from the Wing talked about it, and Mommypoints even stayed up all night to register. The gist of it was stay one night at any property in the Club […]