A Good Reason To Collect Points You’re Not Sure You’ll Use

Practice what you preach, I say.  But, it’s not what I actually do.  I always preach collecting points or miles when they’re a good value even if you’re not sure when you’re going to use them.

Club Carlson, which represents the Radisson brand among others, announced a reprisal of a pretty awesome promo from last year.  Everyone was talking about it.

View from the Wing talked about it, and Mommypoints even stayed up all night to register.

The gist of it was stay one night at any property in the Club Carlson system and earn a tremendous amount of points (enough for a free night pretty much anywhere in the world).  But, I never stay at Carlson properties and just couldn’t motivate myself to make a reservation and just check-in to get the points and use them somewhere else.

Fast forward to my Minnesota trip this week.  As I pull up to Mall of America, I see what has to be a new hotel tower under construction.  I’m curious, so I do a bit of Googling and then figure out that it’s going to be a new Radisson Blu.

Now, I’ve never stayed in a Radisson Blu, but I hear they’re pretty darn nice.  And, a lot of the overseas Radisson’s are a completely different breed than the pedestrian properties in the states.

And, now that I figured out some uses for those Club Carlson points, the promo is sold out!

One of things I (and others) preach is always register for the promo, even if you don’t think you’ll have a reason to use it.  It’s free and easy.

Oh, well.  Time to learn my own lesson again and earn some more points!


  1. Very good point on promos, however if you are almost certain not to do the promo and there is limited number of entries please don’t waste them when another points collector might need them badly. A good example was the park inn part of the Radisson promo. I didn’t register for that although very tempted because I knew there was a 98% chance I wouldn’t be able to stay at a park inn during the promo. If I had it could have robbed someone else of a great points deal.

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