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Officials In Europe Confirming The US Is Preparing To Expand Laptop Ban On Planes

A few days ago I discussed rumors that the United States was preparing to ban laptops and larger electronics on flights originating in Europe.  This would be a massive expansion of the electronics ban to a limited number of countries in the Middle East. There now appears to be confirmation from European officials that the US will move forward with a much wider ban of large electronics on all flights originating from Europe bound for the US. It appears this will be announced tomorrow.  There’s some ambiguity about what sorts of […]

Dubai Air Show Yielding Tons of Boeing 777X Orders From Middle East Carriers

The Middle East carriers are pumping up the order books early for Boeing’s new 777X.  First, there was the news of an order from Etihad for 25 777X aircraft.  And, for good measure they tacked on another 30 787s.  The retail value on that order is just North of $25 billion, though Etihad likely got a pretty significant discount. Not to be outdone, Emirates decided to purchase 150 777X planes, at a retail value of $76 billion. Qatar Airways decided to jump in for 50 777X aircraft as well.  There […]

Double AAdvantage Miles For Qatar Flights

Now that Qatar has been an official part of the oneworld alliance for a whopping two weeks, American has it’s first promo with their new partner.  They’re offering double miles on all Qatar flights through the end of January, with a brief blackout around Christmas and New Year’s. I don’t usually pay a ton of attention to the AAdvantage promos that involve oneworld partners since they normally require full fare coach and higher.  But, this offer is for all eligible flights, regardless of fare class. You still need to register, […]

Qatar Now An Official Part of oneworld Alliance

I had this post scheduled to run on the first day of Qatar’s full membership in oneworld, but United’s friendly moves with Expert Flyer and their incredibly drastic award chart changes distracted me.   October 31st marked the beginning of Middle East carrier Qatar Airways full membership in the oneworld alliance.  The big Middle East carriers have largely shunned the major alliances, preferring to do things on their own.  For oneworld, it’s a bit of a coup to grab Qatar and add them as an official alliance partner. Qatar also […]

Emirates Dipping Its Toe In The US-European Trans-Atlantic Market

Middle East carriers like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar think big.  That’s a rare trait in the airline industry, IMO.  Lufthansa has done a great job in Europe of building a massive network and lots of connections to places people want and need to go. Emirates and other Gulf carriers have done the same for the Middle East and connect key places like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  They placed the largest order of Airbus A380s in the world.  Their order for A380s is bigger than the next 5 […]