mechanical delay

Are Recent Southwest Airlines Problems An Indication Of Culture Issues?

Southwest Airlines has had massive fleet problems recently, canceling up to 10% of flights on certain days. It appears that members of their mechanics’ union are conducting a job action that’s killing the airline’s ability to fly their normal schedule. Will this hurt them long-term?

American Airlines Changes Policy On Delays And Cancellations, Tougher For Customers. Is It Fair?

Have you ever had a flight that was delayed or cancelled? Did the airline move you to another airline so you could get where you needed to go? Do you think it’s fair for an airline to move some passengers to another airline during delays or cancellations but not move others?

American Airlines Changes Their Basic Economy Restrictions, For The Better!

Basic Economy fares continue to spread to more markets. That means more frustrated customers. American Airlines made an announcement that makes things better for customers. That’s a welcome change.

The Travel Gods Worked Against Me Yesterday. No, For Me. No, Against Me. No, For Me.

Any business traveler that tells you the life of a road warrior is glorious is, well, lying. Anybody who’s not a road warrior and thinks it’s the awesomest thing in the world, it’s really not. I’ve been very lucky the last few years to get stuck in very few serious delays. Part of that is being prepared, so that when things do go sideways you know what your options are. Here’s a quick breakdown of a normal travel day turned sour: After a full week on the road, I was […]