Last Class

American Airlines To Begin Selling Basic Economy And Premium Economy Mid-2016

Remember those days when you chose between coach and first class when you bought an airline ticket? Or, if you’re like most people, walked past first class on your way to the coach seat you purchased? The times are a-changing, with 3 different flavors of “coach” coming to an American Airlines plane near you later this year.

Alphabet Soup!  Why You Should Pay (A Little) Attention To Fare Classes

There was a time when you didn’t have to worry much about exactly what type of fare you were buying. Knowing that you were in coach or first class was enough. Not anymore

Is “Last Class” A Class By Itself?

Cheaper is better, right? Not always, and now especially not in air travel. It used to be that virtually all coach tickets were the same. But now, consumers need to be very careful when they purchase a ticket, reading what fare they’re buying and what may (or may not) come with their ticket.

Cheap Flights To LAX and SFO, AWESOME AVGeek Prank, Redeem Miles For Awards To Australia and 10 Hours in a Middle Seat!

Today’s Best of the Rest includes cheap flights to LAX and SFO, a huge opportunity to redeem miles for business class to Australia, and the best AVGeek prank I’ve seen. You’ve gotta see it!