International Data

Verizon Wireless Changes International TravelPass. With A Sledgehammer

If you use Verizon Wireless TravelPass when traveling overseas, you won’t be happy with the latest changes. Verizon is now limiting the amount of data you can use per day, throttling speeds after that. Here’s what you need to know…

Getting A Handle On International Data (And A Cool Giveaway!)

I do a fair amount of international travel and international data is something that I find often costs more than I expect.  Verizon Wireless (my cell provider) used to have a great international plan that you could toggle on and off when you traveled for minimal cost, but it went away a number of years ago.  The new plan they offer is a flat $25 for 100 MB.  Use up 100 MB and they’ll charge you another $25 for the next 100. I don’t upload a lot of pictures while […]