Grand Slam

US Airways Shopping Portal Offering Up To 100% Bonus Miles

US Airways is out with an interesting offer this morning.  Through June 23, 2013 they are offering up to 100% bonus on miles earned through various US Airways partners.  This is no Grand Slam promotion (the mother of all US Airways promotion) but frequent patrons of the Dividend Miles Storefront and their dining program will find decent value.   The key here is total number of transactions during the period.  1 transaction gets you a 25% bonus while 10 transactions will get you 100% bonus miles on all your purchases. […]

Free US Airways Dividend Miles If You’re Into Surveys

Back when the Grand Slam was the coolest promo out there, sites like E-Rewards and e-Miles were quick ways to generate “hits” towards a big pile of miles.  My interest in those sites waned a bit when Grand Slam took a hiatus. I got an e-mail today about another survey site that I haven’t used before.  Whiteboard is currently accepting new members who can earn miles through the US Airways Dividend Miles program for completing surveys. The offer I received was for 250 miles to sign up and another 250 […]

Lots Of Different Offers For The US Airways MasterCard

US Airways plays an integral part in pretty much every mileage strategy.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a overwhelmingly positive experience on a US Airways flight.  Their fleet isn’t really something to write home about.  Their international network isn’t something to write home about. But, they are a member of the Star Alliance.  That means you have access to United Airlines flights in the US and carriers like Lufthansa in Europe where you can redeem those miles for great seats to awesome places.  And, they’re miles are usually very […]

News Notes For Thursday, October 25th

More Hyatt growth.  They’ve announced a new Hyatt Place in Times Square.  And, they’re adding another Park Hyatt, this time in Qingdao, China. The TSA kinda screwed up in a pretty meaningful way in terms of randomizing security.  Wandering Aramean details how they could have avoided the problem. Mommy Points has a humorous but very useful post about the aftermath of no Grand Slam promo this year.  I’m sorry to say it’s gone as well.  Last year was my first year participating and it was an easy 100K miles. And, […]