Should You Travel During The Coronavirus Scare?

You’d have to be under one serious rock to be unaware of Coronavirus.  The spread of the disease has reached over 50 countries and the number of people who have perished number in the thousands.  What started as a trickle of questions from readers and listeners about traveling during this public health emergency has turned into a steady flow.  I’ve spent the past few days thinking about travel and Coronavirus quite a bit and have consolidated some thoughts and questions.  This isn’t an up-to-date listing of current events revolving around […]

Apparently “Drunk Chinese Moms” Is a Big Demo For My Blog, Even When Spelled Wrong

You gotta love Google.  Every once in a while I cruise through my search terms just to see how people find their way to my blog.  A couple days ago I saw “drunk chinease moms” (yes, misspelled).  It popped up again, slightly differently as “drunk chinese mothers”, and I couldn’t help but look.  Gotta wonder who chose that search term and then decided I was the relevant result.  Pretty lofty company I keep.  See for yourself:  

Google Changes Their Mind, Frommer’s Books On Their Way Back

Thanks to one of my readers, Charlie, for pointing out this article. Google has given the Frommer’s name and publishing rights back to Arthur Frommer, creator of the brand. Arthur Frommer has confirmed he will begin printing the books and publishing e-books again. The article isn’t quite clear on the ultimate resolution here. In one place it states that Google is licensing TO Frommer’s and then later says it is licensing FROM Frommer’s. Both could be true. Google could be licensing the name back to Arthur. They could also have […]

A Good Post About Life On The Road

As I’ve started to blog more frequently, I’ve started to come across other people in the blogosphere that are doing some pretty cool things.  And, while I wouldn’t buy an RV if I gave up my day job, I applaud this couple for doing just that, dropping pretty much all their attachments and heading out on the road. I was reminded of two things reading this post.  Even though it’s over a year old, it emphasizes some aspects of life that are easy to overlook. 1.  Less is more.  I’ve […]