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Check To See If You’re Targeted For Chase Co-Brand Bonus Offers: 7X On United And Southwest Cards

Trying to get into a rhythm publishing more regularly.  A quick post on some credit card bonuses that showed up in my inbox yesterday seemed to fit the ticket.  I received two bonus offers on Chase co-brand credit cards via e-mail, both of them worth your time. Edited to add: you can check even if you didn’t get an email. For my United MileagePlus Select card, I received an offer of 7 miles per dollar on United purchases and 5 miles per dollar on all other travel purchases.  The […]

Citi Executive AAdvantage Card 3X Promo

It looks like Citi is getting more aggressive with bonus miles for category spending, something they haven’t done a whole lot of in the past.  I received the following offer today for both my Citi Executive AAdvantage credit card and my wife’s: This comes on the heels of a similar, but more limited offer from Barclay for category bonuses on my US Airways MasterCard.  Gotta wonder if there’s a bit of healthy competition going on.  2,500 bonus miles means you can max this out with $1,250 in spending across these […]