Flight attendant

GIVEAWAY: Best Aviation Humor Coasters Ever

I picked these up a few months ago during my travels and they’ve been sitting on my desk since then. I mean, what traveler doesn’t have at least one crazy flight attendant story? I have a total of 6 of these, and I’ll be giving them away via this post.  Some will be random and some will be based on folks that make me laugh.  Leave a comment and/or a funny story about travel and I’ll pick winners on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015. The post GIVEAWAY:  Best Aviation Humor Coasters […]

I Don’t Think I Agree That Flight Crews Should Be Exempt From Airport Security

Certainly I’m a bit late voicing this opinion. The TSA decided a couple years ago that pilots wouldn’t need to be searched going through security. Last year flight attendants were added to this list. I was at McCarran airport this morning going through TSA Pre-Check. This may sound silly, but it’s the first time I can really recall seeing flight crew go through a checkpoint without being searched. I’m sure it happens every time I’m in an airport, I just wasn’t perceptive to it. 9 or 10 flight crew members […]

FAA Quietly Signals That You Might Be Able To Leave That iPad On During Takeoff and Landing

Count me amongst the crowd of people who don’t like turning off their electronics when it’s time to close the airplane door.  I rarely shut off my phone, hence the reason I love wifi so much.  But, I’ve come to appreciate that time between pushback and 10,000 feet and use it to read a newspaper or magazine. You can also count me in the camp of people who definitely don’t want people to be able to talk on their cellphone while in the air. Considering both of those opinions, the […]

An Odd Day (And Subpar Equipment) on United Airlines

I don’t want to sound like a broken record with stories of my United Airlines annoyances, but this one gave me a good chuckle in the end. I had a flight earlier in the week where I missed an upgrade but still ended up in an exit row aisle.  This was a CRJ-700, a decent sized regional jet.  The exit row on these planes generally has plenty of legroom and this was a fairly short 2-hour flight.  So, even someone as spooled as me could survive in coach. I was […]