Frontier Flight Attendants Suing To be Able To Pump Breast Milk While Working

There’s an interesting story about two Frontier Airlines flight attendants who are suing the airline for better working conditions.  Mothers of nursing children, they’ve found it difficult to pump breast milk while performing their job duties.

The flight attendants have had trouble finding a time and place to pump breast milk while operating flights and in between flights.  The article points out some items I hadn’t considered:

Roby and Rewitzer acknowledge that Frontier did try to provide locations for them to pump in airports but said they were not always close enough to gates to allow them to pump milk between flights so they could make it to back to planes in time to work.

They asked in the complaint for Frontier to be required to provide adequate places for them to pump on flights and in airports. They said they should have the option of working temporarily on the ground to avoid having to take leaves.

My wife is a school teacher and had to find ways to pump while she taught after both our kids were born.  I’ve never really thought about flight crews being in that position.  There are a myriad of complications.

For starters, there are tons of airports that don’t have a room for nursing moms in every concourse/terminal.  Heck, there are still plenty of airports that don’t have any nursing rooms at all.  That’s lead to such disappointing stories as the mom made to pump in a room people take their pets to go to the bathroom.  Or the mom who got the run-around from an airline on how to actually bring breast milk through security.

Frontier Flight Attendants Suing

Mother’s Nursing Room Coming Soon At Denver Airport

Similarly, nursing on a plane would have to be a daunting proposition.  An airplane lavatory is literally the only place for guaranteed privacy, and that’s not really a happy place.

The part I hadn’t considered was the option of temporarily switching jobs.  It’s a really good suggestion.  Maybe there are union issues or staffing issues.  But, how many nursing moms can there be in a workforce? I have to think they could manage to find a way to accommodate someone who wants to continue working but stay on the ground for a few months.

The Final Two Pennies

I generally see the challenges on both sides of this issue.  Not too surprisingly, I noticed Matthew Klint sees the issue similarly.  I’m much more likely to side with the women here.  My wife literally had to pump in a closet at her school.  It just really feels like there should be a way to work this out.

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  1. For christ’s sake, what are these hostesses thinking? How unhygienic is it for the baby? Have they ever thought about that? No, selfish. And frankly I don’t want to look at some woman with a tit hanging out feeding a damn baby while I am flying. This political correctness has all gone too far. Either be a mother, at home, or don’t. Make up your bloody minds.

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