American Airlines Destroys Their New Choice Plus and Choice Essential Fares

News from Milepoint this morning about disturbing changes from American Airlines.  They have gutted their year-old choice fare bundles in a fairly substantial way.  There’s been no official announcement, just a quiet change to the terms & conditions.  Here’s what we’re seeing so far: Choice Essential: American appears to have removed the change fee waiver from this offering, according to their website.  Now, $58 buys you a free checked bag, group 1 boarding and the ability to earn AAdvantage miles.  That last statement scares me a bit as it positions […]

Tonight Only. Fare Sale. Virgin America Started, Others Matching

Virgin America launched a one-day fare sale that’s only valid until midnight today. I checked a few fares from my home city of Washington-Dulles.  I was able to confirm $146 one-way fares to LAX and $156 one-way to San Francisco. Looks like most of the fares run from the beginning of November through the end of February next year.  So, if you’re looking to get a head start on re-qualification, here’s a good start.  

Keep An Eye Out For Airline Website Glitches. Some Hurt, Some Help.

There’s no doubt in my mind that airlines are a very complicated business to run.  Planes, crews, fares and a million other details to manage.  And yet, it really does surprise me that there are still some pretty blatant shortcomings in the reliability of the technology the airlines use on a daily basis.  It’s always best to keep an eye out for these glitches, since they can both help and hurt, sometimes in significant ways. After all, it was just a few days ago United Airlines was selling free tickets […]

Update: American Airlines Variable Choice Plus Pricing A Feature, Not A Bug

I have to admit, I was pretty pleased with the original announcement that American Airlines was creating bundled pricing that included change fees at a lower apparent cost.  Things got a little better when American also announced they were expanding the timeframe you could request a same day change to your flight. And, then things started to get a bit screwy.  It started with just one flight I couldn’t get to price right with Choice Plus as an add-on.  But, then I did a bit more digging and found out […]

American’s New Choice Plus Fares More Of A Choose Your Own Adventure?

I’m a guy who changes his tickets frequently enough that I incur my fair share of change fees (and then some).  Plans change, that’s just the reality of a business traveler. That’s why I was pretty pumped when American announced their new Choice Plus (and Choice Essential, to a lesser degree) fare options.  Priority boarding isn’t something I need, nor extra checked baggage, but change fees add up quickly.  At $150 to change, plus the possibility of a $75 same-day change on top of that, there was a ton of […]