Cheap Flights To Vegas and Europe And The FAA Wishes The Rams Were Staying In St. Louis

Today’s Best of the Rest features status matches to American Airlines Executive Platinum status, the FAA doesn’t like the Rams new stadium, false start before turning over a NewLeaf, cheap flights to Vegas and Europe…..

Phenomenal New Hyatt Property, Cheap Airfare To Chicago And More LUV/Love Fighting. The Best Of The Rest For Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

The Best of the Rest includes a great new Hyatt property in South American, cheap airfare to Chicago, a contest for free Dreamliner flights and big discounts on Entertainment books. Read more….

American Airlines Fleet Gets Bigger While It Gets Smaller

It also gets a bit more contemporary. American Airlines is actually scheduled to shrink the size of the fleet slightly (30 planes out of the mainline fleet of close to 1,000) but is shrinking it in the right areas while adding strategic aircraft for the future.  As usual, Terry Maxon at the Dallas Morning News provides us all the salient details. The biggest drop is in the MD-80s, which are the planes people generally like the least.  I’ve actually never minded the planes myself other than the lack of standard […]

787 Dreamliner Inaugural BOS-NRT Flight: Something Most Women Would Enjoy Having For Their Husband/Boyfriend

Links to previous Dreamliner inaugural posts: BOS-NRT 787 Trip-Arrival in BOS JAL 787 Touches Down at BOS BOS 787 Departure Delayed Onboard the 787 787 Taking Off 787 BOS-NRT in Flight 787 Windows 787 BOS-NRT Inaugural Flight-Meal Service 787 Dreamliner BOS-NRT: Some Random Pics and Thoughts 787 Dreamliner Inaugural Flight: NRT-BOS 787 Dreamliner Inaugural Flight BOS-NRT Gift Bag 787 Dreamliner BOS-NRT:  Take-off Footage 787 Dreamliner NRT-BOS Meal Service With Pics Barring me having forgotten something, this is the last in the series of Dreamliner posts.  I’ve got a bunch of […]