Doug Ulman

A Pretty Cool Package From LIVESTRONG For Milepoint

I arrived home yesterday afternoon to find a Fedex box sitting on my desk.  I wasn’t expecting anything special, but it sure was.  You see, about 6 months ago, Milepoint (of which I’m proud to be a co-founder) signed a five-year agreement to be a part of LIVESTRONG President’s Circle, which was started by LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman.  As part of Milepoint’s commitment to donate at least 10% of our annual profits to charity each year, we’ve committed to a minimum $5,000 donation to LIVESTRONG for the next five years. […]

LIVESTRONG Takes Another Hit Today. Time For Me To Step Up.

I make no secret of my support for LIVESTRONG, even despite the bad press over the past year surrounding Lance’s admission of doping. Today was a tough day for LIVESTRONG as Nike publicized it’s decision to discontinue the LIVESTRONG line of gear they produce.  That’s been a significant chunk of LIVESTRONG’s revenue.  I’m not sure what happens now.  I’m happy to see Nike continuing to financially support LIVESTRONG, though I wonder how long that will continue in light of the recent news.  I’d like to think they’ll continue to support […]