Dallas Love Field

Cheap Flights To Europe And Australia, Triple Points On Amazon And Southwest Loses Again

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Cheap Flights To The Caribbean, Discounted Delta Awards And The Smackdown in Dallas

Today’s Best of the Rest includes cheap flights to the Caribbean, London and Scandinavia, award seats to Asia, another A380 coming to DC and the judge delivers a beatdown ON Dallas IN Dallas.

The FAA Is A Hypocrite For Demanding Delta Be Accommodated At Love Field

Photo courtesy of Steve Lagreca

Talk about being the last one to show up at the dance looking for an attractive date. The FAA woke up yesterday and decided it should get involved in the Dallas Love Field debate, demanding the city maintain the status quo while the FAA investigates. Can this situation really get any more bizarre? The amount of economic waste over one of the smaller commercial airports in the country continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Did You Get A $0 Flight To China, Meerkat Sighting, Double JetBlue Points And The New Milepoint App. Travel News On Friday, March 20th, 2015

JetBlue’s fabulous Mint service is coming to the Caribbean. HT: CrankyFlier JetBlue is also offering double points on all transcon flights for the next two months.  I don’t collect TrueBlue points, but that’s a pretty solid value for a revenue-based program. Why American Airlines believes it was right to cancel those $0 China fares if the reservation was “held” but not ticketed.  I think it’s a compelling argument.  Matthew does a bunch of research to arrive at the ultimate conclusion. This is entirely different from the airline’s obligation to honor […]

The Irony Of Southwest’s Fight, A Great Giveaway From Hyatt and More Travel News

A smart airline executive says something incredibly stupid. HT: Wandering Aramean The Hyatt promo that I announced yesterday which awards a 20% rebate on all award bookings through the end of July is better than we thought.  Gary of View From The Wing writes that existing reservations are eligible, and you’ll receive your rebate after completing the stay just like a new reservation under this promo.  Awesome! The end to the crazy theft story from One Mile at a Time. A great giveaway from Hyatt.  3 nights at a Hyatt […]

DOT Investigating Those United “Krone Krime” Mistake Fares, Southwest Making Their Points Less Valuable And Other News

The DOT is officially investigating the “Krone Krime” United mistake fares from earlier in the week.  Gary’s pretty sure the DOT will side with United.  While that’s still the most likely outcome, I think there’s still a puncher’s chance some of these tickets are honored. From mistake fares to Danish Krone, the only logical transition is to a German man doing a striptease on a plane.  Matthew Klint really does end up on all the fun flights. Southwest is devaluing their Rapid Rewards program, adding “variability” to certain flights, so […]

Delta Gets A Bit Screwed In Dallas

Just when you thought all the controversy would subside around Dallas Love Field, there appears to be one final chapter. For decades, the Wright Amendment has stifled controlled growth at Love Field.  In case you’re not familiar, the short version is that in order to promote growth at DFW airport, the powers that be passed legislation to make it nearly impossible to run an airline out of Dallas Love.  Southwest succeeded anyway and over the years campaigned to have the Wright Amendment abolished. Now, on the cusp of it going […]