I’m A Member Of CLEAR Again

For those unaware, CLEAR was a program that pre-dated TSA PreCheck and allowed for a “skip the line pass”.  You still needed to go through traditional security screening, but you were pushed to the front of the line.  It started 2005-ish and perished about 4 years later.  It was purchased out of bankruptcy and restarted, though with significantly less airports than before. I was lucky enough to purchase a renewal for my wife and I just a month or so before they declared bankruptcy.  The company that bought their assets out […]

CLEAR Picking Up A Bit Of Steam? Adds San Jose, Second New Airport In Roughly 30 Days

I don’t imagine there are a ton of fans of CLEAR right now.  When they folded a few years ago they lost all mindshare.  They were resurrected from the dead but didn’t have much relevancy because not too many airports signed on. Add to that the ability to apply for Global Entry to access TSA PreCheck and the proliferation of PreCheck, and CLEAR became pretty much obsolete. Lately, they landed a few jabs in the fight back to relevance.  The CLEAR lines were reorganized to flow directly into the PreCheck […]

News & Notes For Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Some nuggets from the world of travel: Alaska Airways is rolling out boarding from both the front and back doors of their planes at some airports. This is probably a tougher policy to maintain in Seattle with the number of wet days they have overall, but makes sense at airports like San Jose and Long Beach. View From The Wing talks about quintuple dipping with Marriott Rewards. I’m not a Marriott fan myself but good strategies here if you are. Boeing is buying used Airbus planes from customers in order […]

One Of My Favorite Travel Time Savers Gets Better! TSA Pre-Check Now Available On Some International Flights

I’ve been a big proponent of TSA Pre-Check since its inception. No doubt, the TSA gets a lot of flack for things they do poorly. But, I think they’ve done a solid job with Pre-Check. Here’s why: TSA saw a need when the original iteration of CLEAR became popular. Whether they saw that need because of CLEAR or on their own doesn’t really matter. The initial roll-out had bumps and bruises and wasn’t widely available. But, it was a starting point. It was just a few airlines’ customers invited at […]

Meh. CLEAR Coming To San Antonio

I’ve been a proponent of CLEAR for quite some time.  I’ve been hoping for 2 things: 1.  More integration with TSA Pre-Check.  They did this in Denver recently and it makes a nice difference when the Pre-Check line is a bit long on the morning.  As TSA expands the number of eligible passengers for Pre-Check, the lines have gotten a bit longer.  They definitely move a ton faster and are more convenient than a regular line, but the CLEAR integration in Denver makes life easier in the mornings. 2.  More […]

Clear/TSA Pre-Check Integration And Updates on TSA Pre-Check Lanes Nationwide

A little over a month ago I commented on the impending integration of the Clear lane with TSA Pre-Check at Denver International Airport.  Clear, now in it’s second iteration, is a program that provides an opportunity to skip the line when trying to clear security in a small number of domestic US airports.  The knock on Clear is that it’s really just cutting part of the line.  For example, in Denver, once you get through the Clear checkpoint, you still have to select a security lane and stand in line […]

CLEAR Lanes at Denver Airport Now Integrated With Pre-Check

I’ve written in the past about my fondness for both CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check.  There are plenty frequent travelers who feel otherwise.  Since I don’t see either of these systems going anywhere anytime soon, I’m always happy when they expand or enhance their offerings. CLEAR is trying something new, integrating the CLEAR lane with the TSA Pre-Check lane at Denver International Airport: There’s no date listed on when they’re getting started, so I assume it’s already in place.  I’ll be in Denver this week so I’ll try and update once […]

3 Free Months of Expedited Security And CLEAR coming to DFW

I received notification that CLEAR is now active at DFW airport.  While it’s a small list, it now includes DEN, MCO, SFO and DFW. I wrote about the benefits of both CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check recently, and I still think both have their own value as we figure out who will ultimately be the winners and losers here. Included in the notification I received today was a link for non-members to get a free 3-month trial of the service.  That strikes me as a pretty low-risk proposition unless you don’t […]