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The Winners Of The Bubble Bum Giveaway Are…..

First, for the random giveaway.  64 total comments, selected:   That was Justin at Then, the 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points for the funniest story go (hands down) to Barb Buettner with this comment: Durling an extremely turbulent flight, after one chaotic bump and dip, my young son grappled his crotch and, in a laughing voice, yelled, “Mommy, that made my Pepe tickle.” That was enough to break the tension of all the anxious passengers in the cabin! Now that son is a parent with a son of his […]

Do You Have A Bubble Bum? Would You Like One? Giveaway!

I’ve got another giveaway this week (essentially two giveaways in one), geared more towards families. Read on: Parents who decide to travel with young kids take on a task that involves hauling a LOT of stuff onto airplanes. It can be quite the daunting task and most likely contributes to a good number of families deciding to drive to a vacation rather than fly. There’s this natural progression as your children grow. In the beginning, the kids stay fairly still on long airplane rides and most likely don’t require parents […]