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$272 Flights To Brazil and a Stand-In For Delta’s Award Charts. The Best of The Rest On Wednesday, May 20th 2015

Flights to Brazil get even cheaper while we have a new tool to remember Delta’s award charts and a 2500 point bonus from the United Airlines shopping portal.

New ANA Award Chart, Delta’s New “Sale”, And Insight Into Google Flights. Travel News I Missed Last Week

It was a crazy week of travel for me, so I got fairly far behind on my blog reading.  Here’s a few of the key posts I missed from around the world of travel this week. Google Flights is answering any and all questions.  I’ll be interested to see how deep they go, and I applaud them for doing it.  I was nervous when they took over ITA Matrix a few years ago, my favorite travel tool.  Results-oriented, I was right, but I wish I was wrong.  There have been lots of […]

Is What Delta Did Really That Evil?

Gary over at View From The Wing has staked out the position that Delta’s decision to remove their award charts may be the single worst thing to occur in frequent flyer-dom.  Ever. I mean, it’s not like he compares them to the lady that drowned the dog in an airport recently when she wasn’t allowed to board her flight with it.  But, it’s a very stark position.  And, I’m not 100% sure he’s right. Now, some of this is tongue-in-cheek.  I’m not a Delta fan by any stretch.  And, I […]