Austin Texas

Franklin Barbecue Review And Some Austin MegaDO Fun

Franklin BBQ was definitely a rare treat that I likely wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy had it not been for Austin MegaDO 3. While I wasn’t a huge fan of their brisket, the ribs and turkey were outstanding. Combine that with Hecke Vision at the Alamo Ritz Drafhouse and a party at LIVESTRONG headquarters and it was a memorable weekend.

Virgin America Discounting Fall Travel Today Only: 8 Hours Only

If you’re hunting for cheap fall tickets today’s Virgin American sale might help. I don’t fly Virgin America a whole bunch, but they serve particularly useful with fare sales.  As a general rule the big guys match their prices though I’m not sure if they’ll bother for an 8-hour sale.  A quick spin through the American Airlines website shows it doesn’t look like they’re matching yet. Taken on its own, the Virgin sale is okay, not necessarily awesome but a good value considering that fall travel is usually a more […]

Rumors That Hyatt Has Acquired The Driskill Hotel in Austin

Lots of expansion in the Austin market for Hyatt, it seems.  Earlier this week they opened the Hyatt Place Austin.  I’m generally more of a full service hotel guy, and I’ve enjoyed my stays at Hyatt Regency Austin.  But, the pictures of Hyatt Place Austin look nice  and it seems every time I head to Austin the Hyatt is pretty full.  So, I’m happy to have this alternative. And, it looks like the Driskill Hotel in Austin will be joining the Hyatt family.  While I’ve never stayed at the Driskill, […]

Austin: Hyatt Regency Redux And Some Authentic Texas BBQ

Michelle and I recently took our first extended trip without the kids since our second was born.  We’d taken overnight trips without the kids, but this would be the first trip where we’d sneak away for a long weekend.   We were headed to Austin for a celebration of the 15th anniversary of LIVESTRONG.  And, since it was my wife’s first trip to BBQ country, she wanted some authentic Texas BBQ. This was my second stay at Hyatt Regency Austin.  My first was pretty brief but yielded a nice suite upgrade.  […]

It’s About Lance

I posted a few days ago about the recent developments of Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG.  Again, I thought it would be my last post. I was wrong. I’m sure mine is a polarizing position. One I might have shied away from a few days ago, though unlikely. As the media attention has ratcheted up about Lance there have been reasons for people to turn away. Even I had said to myself and others, “It’s not about Lance. It’s about the fight against cancer.”  That’s an easy answer to a tough […]