Virgin America Discounting Fall Travel Today Only: 8 Hours Only

If you’re hunting for cheap fall tickets today’s Virgin American sale might help.

 Fall Travel

I don’t fly Virgin America a whole bunch, but they serve particularly useful with fare sales.  As a general rule the big guys match their prices though I’m not sure if they’ll bother for an 8-hour sale.  A quick spin through the American Airlines website shows it doesn’t look like they’re matching yet.

Taken on its own, the Virgin sale is okay, not necessarily awesome but a good value considering that fall travel is usually a more expensive time.  A few random examples are DFW or Austin to San Francisco which is generally around $300-$400 when purchased  in advance.  The Virgin sale has it under $250.

Another example is IAD to LAX or SFO.  Cheapest American fares right now are right around $400 for a variety of dates I checked, where Virgin is just over $300.

Here’s a full list of cities and fares for the sale:

Fall Travel

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