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Some Quick Thoughts On American Airlines’ New Livery

My family and I are traveling to Great Wolf Lodge (trip report and tips for families to follow later), so I probably won’t be posting much in the next couple of days. There’s been a bunch of buzz in the blogsphere over the past 24 hours or so on American Airlines’ new logo.  AA is my favorite of the domestic US carriers, so there’s a certain attachment to the current livery. I’ve always been a big fan of the polished metal finish that American has sported for as long as […]

News And Notes For Saturday, January 12th, 2013

There are more updates on Qatar Airways joining the oneworld alliance.  Starting February 23rd, American Airlines and Qatar will begin codesharing on many of their flights, meaning members of the AAdvantage program will be able to earn miles on a substantial number of Qatar flights.  For me, the bigger plus will be when I can redeem my AA miles on Qatar, which is still likely a year away.  But, at that point, I could fly direct from my home airport of IAD to Qatar’s hub in Doha.  Anyway, bottom line […]

A Positive (And Expected) Start To The Year On American Airlines

My struggles on United Airlines last year were well-chronicled (here and here) and I wasn’t alone.  After the March reservation system switch-over a good number of people saw a dramatic change in their upgrade percentage. So, until Doug Parker ruins my favorite airline, American Airlines will be my primary carrier this year.  When I received an e-mail this morning from AA, it showed that all 4 of my flights this week had already been upgraded, including my return flights home this Thursday.  While I did have plenty of upgrades on […]

News And Notes For Thursday, January 3rd

Don’t forget to enter my contests for a free roundtrip ticket on American Airlines and/or 25,000 United MileagePlus miles or Hyatt Gold Passport points!  You don’t have to comment on that post specifically, just any post over the next 13 days.  Comment as much as you like, each comment earns one entry. What’s going on in the word of travel, miles and points? View From the Wing has an early scoop on purchasing status from American Airlines if you fell short in 2012.  American is my preferred airline, and I […]

Why I’ll Be Switching Back To American Airlines As My Primary Carrier, And Why That Might Change

As I look forward to 2013 from a travel standpoint, I’m hoping to be in the air a bit less and home with the family a bit more.  I broke down my travel recently to see what I had accomplished from a flying standpoint in 2012.  But, as I thought about next year, I wanted to double-check my decision to bail on United Airlines as my primary carrier. I took a look back at my mid-year report on UA’s upgrade policy and some changes that happened in March when they […]

Some AA Pilots Start To Realize A Merger With US Airways May Not Be The Best Thing For Seniority

I mean, it’s not like US Airways has been unable to agree on a contract with their pilots and settle the seniority issue over, say, the last 7 years. A small group of pilots at AA is making known their concern with a possible merger with US Airways.  It seems they figured out that things might not be perfect trying to combine their ranks with a union group that can’t come to an agreement. Here’s the thing.  I’m surprised it took this long for a movement like this to surface.  […]

Confirmed: No Polished (Unpainted) Finish For American Airlines’ New Livery

American Airlines’ first 777-300ER touched down at DFW today, looking like it’s substantially covered in white.  I can’t confirm it’s paint and not a decal, but it sure looks like paint.  This is not earth-shattering news, it was pretty widely expected to be a much more significant paint/decal job. Click on the link to see the pictures, or see below: Sigh, change is a part of life.  And, who knows?  I may really like the new livery.  But, I’ll sure miss the old one.  Yes, I know that makes me […]

US Airways’ Pilots Play The “No Fair, Me Too” Card In The Merger Game

Meant to post this earlier, but the day got away from me.  US Airways has been at war with it’s pilots for waaay too long (7 years-ish, to be exact). There have been a number of contract proposals, but no new contract since the merger between US Airways and America West. Fast forward 6 and a half years, and US Airways bought some unsecured American Airlines debt so they could be involved in some of the creditor hearings.  I thought that was a bit of a stretch, but if they […]

American Airlines Pilot’s Union Sends Contract For A Vote

Sorry for the break in blogging over the last few days.  StarMegaDO4 has been occupying all my time.  I’ll be posting more about that over the weekend and next week, but I wanted to post a quick update about the current state of negotiations between American Airlines and it’s pilot’s union. The union has officially sent the contract to all it’s members.  Normally, you would say that means the agreement will get ratified.  But, the last time the union sent an agreement out for a vote the members rejected it.  […]