US Airways’ Pilots Play The “No Fair, Me Too” Card In The Merger Game

Meant to post this earlier, but the day got away from me.  US Airways has been at war with it’s pilots for waaay too long (7 years-ish, to be exact).

There have been a number of contract proposals, but no new contract since the merger between US Airways and America West.

Fast forward 6 and a half years, and US Airways bought some unsecured American Airlines debt so they could be involved in some of the creditor hearings.  I thought that was a bit of a stretch, but if they really wanted to light money on fire, that seemed to be an issue between US Airways and it’s shareholders.

Now, the US Airways pilot’s union has filed a brief with the American Airlines’ bankruptcy court saying they deserve a seat at the table of AA’s bankruptcy filing.

The best quote is from the union president, Gary Hummel: “Our motion recognizes that pilots of US Airways are equal partners in negotiations for a plan of reorganization that merges American Airlines and US Airways,”

I have no idea who he thinks they are equal partners with.  They have no contract with their own airline.  Now, that’s not all their fault.  US Airways has had a pretty good hand in that.  But, it’s in no way AMR’s fault.  I’m not a lawyer, but this just seems like a complete waste of air.


  1. “US Airways has been at war with it’s pilots”

    Not sure that’s entirely fair. Might be more accurate to say that US Airways pilots have been at war with THEMSELVES (US East vs US West, going to far as to create a new union for the primary purpose of sticking it to other pilots). And that they occasionally have taken out those frustrations on the airline and its management.

    But they do get bonus points for a creative (if untenable) legal position.

    One imagines they do not actually expect a favorable ruling on the merits. Instead it’s a game of signaling.

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