Allied Pilots Association

American Airlines Pilots Agree To New Contract

With virtually all of the pilots participating in the vote, the union has approved the contract offer from management by a margin of almost 2:1. Initial reaction from the union after receiving 23% raises immediately, retroactive to December, an additional 3% increase retroactive to January 1 and another 3% next year? “By voting in favor of the JCBA, our pilots will benefit from higher pay rates. In effect, the pilots of American Airlines made a business decision,” Wilson said in a statement. “APA will now focus on further engagement with […]

As American Airlines and US Airways March Towards Integration, The Pilots’ Unions Still Stand Out

There are thousands of mundane steps to merge two airlines the size of American Airlines and US Airways.  While that process is well underway, we’re still well over a year away from completion and probably close to a year before more substantial customer-facing pieces are in place. In the interim, the process of merging the two workforces is moving along mostly as expected.  Because there are many unions involved, each group is handled a bit differently.  And, since each airline had their own union for a specific class of employees (and sometimes […]

Flight Attendants May Be Getting Along, But There Are Still Dark Clouds For The New American Airlines And The Pilots’ Unions

After 6 years of bickering, the US Airways pilots’ union wants to fight just a bit more. They’ve sued US Airways, American Airlines and the Allied Pilots Association to force binding arbitration to determine pilot seniority, even though they didn’t agree with the last binding arbitration.

News And Notes For Thursday, January 3rd

Don’t forget to enter my contests for a free roundtrip ticket on American Airlines and/or 25,000 United MileagePlus miles or Hyatt Gold Passport points!  You don’t have to comment on that post specifically, just any post over the next 13 days.  Comment as much as you like, each comment earns one entry. What’s going on in the word of travel, miles and points? View From the Wing has an early scoop on purchasing status from American Airlines if you fell short in 2012.  American is my preferred airline, and I […]

News And Notes For Monday, December 10th

Wandering Aramean reports that United has joined the club in shutting off aggregation sites like Award Wallet.  Just more piling on for some of my favorite services.  Award Wallet is a big part of being able to manage all the different accounts our family has.  While I’m disappointed that the major airlines are chipping away at it’s effectiveness I’m hopeful there will be a resolution that satisfies the airlines while providing their customers with this integral service. American Airlines is teasing us about their new paint job.  View From the […]

American Airlines And Their Pilots Agree To A New Contract

The New York Times is reporting that AA’s pilots union has voted in favor of a new contract. This wasn’t a huge surprise, but I don’t know that there’s anything that would surprise me with airlines and unions anymore. The reported tally was 74% in favor of the deal. Of course, they soundly rejected a deal I thought they would take the last time they put it to a member vote, then fired their union president. As I’ve mentioned a number of times, this was almost certainly the last major […]

Heavy Sledding For American Airlines

Bankruptcy has been tough for all the legacy airlines to navigate.  American has had it’s fair share of troubles to this point, but I didn’t think things would get even worse so quickly.  Again, it’s the pilots. Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal, a very influential voice in the travel industry, is openly preaching that people should book elsewhere right now.  I don’t agree with everything he says here, but there’s pretty damning evidence out there that the pilots aren’t going to relent anytime soon. View From The Wing […]