AAdvantage Dining

BIG Bonuses From United MileagePlus Dining

The United Airlines MileagePlus Dining filled up my inbox with a big offer for miles through their dining program. My offer allows me to earn 10,000 miles if I dine 10 times in the next roughly 40 days.  That’s a lot of miles, but also a lot of dining out. I don’t dine out a ton when at home with the family.  I also don’t have a ton of work travel scheduled over this time period.  Couple that with the fact that the restaurant choices for the dining programs have […]

500 Bonus Miles After Spending $50 In AAdvantage or United Dining Program

The days are long past where I used to focus on the airline mileage dining programs.  They used to be quite lucrative but the payouts have become diluted over the years.  They also don’t generally fit my travel patterns.  That being said, they still work great for some folks.  And, they occasionally have reasonable offers, like the one both American Airlines and United are pimping right now. American Airlines 500 mile offer: And, United’s offer: Notice any similarities?  🙂 You don’t need to register for these offers, just spend $50 […]