Cheap Fares To Cancun And Russia, 3X Miles For Apple Purchases. The Best of The Rest For Sunday, May 31st, 2015

The Best of the Rest has more cheap fares, this time to Cancun and Russia. Triple miles on Apple Store purchases and 25,000 miles for a new car purchase. Read on….

Be Careful When Traveling, More Disney Discounts and More Travel News On Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

A scary story about how a friend of mine’s mom got stalked and robbed on their trip together.  Suffice it to say that I’ve had my fair share of close calls with pick pockets and weird people traveling.  There are obviously lots of bad people and it pays to be vigilant when traveling. A new service that helps you find cheap day rooms (and a pretty nice giveaway). Is it worth it to buy no-expiration Disney tickets?  I did this the first time we went, and I certainly paid less […]

Quick Hyatt Clarification On My Elite Rates

I’m already enjoying some of Hyatt’s new benefits that they rolled out this year.  I wrote about the My Elite Rate last week and subsequently save myself almost $100 on a reservation this week. The question arose from reader TTF about whether you could search rates like AAA and the My Elite Rate at the same time.  I had the same question when I first searched and reached out to Hyatt to clarify. They confirmed that you need to be logged in as an elite member and cannot have any […]

AAA Is Good For More Than Flat Tires (And Hotel Stays)

Reading View From The Wing today, I found myself nodding my head at the value of AAA. Gary sounds about as allergic to prepaid hotel reservations as I am.  Plans change too frequently.  And, while SPG and Hyatt have generally been good about getting me out of prepaid reservations, I’d rather not deal with them.  That’s what’s so good about AAA.  As Gary points out, Hyatt’s AAA rate is usually the same as their prepaid rate but without the prepayment and cancellation penalties.  Sometimes I’ve even found much larger discounts. […]