787 Dreamliner

ANA Says It Will Replace All The Engines On Their 787 Dreamliner Fleet

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner employs an amazing amount of technical enhancements. While the plane has been groundbreaking, it continues to deal with mechanical issues. This one isn’t specifically in Boeing’s court, but ANA isn’t very happy with their engine supplier right now.

American Airlines Announces New Zealand Service. Are New AAdvantage Policies A PLUS Here?

It’s got to be a positive when American Airlines keeps announcing new international service. First, there was Sydney. Then Haneda and now Aukland. I’ll hope there’s more, but I openly wonder how things shake out with what’s announced so far?

560,000 AAdvantage Mile Giveaway, $10 Ebates Sign-Up Bonus. The Best of the Rest on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

560,000 mile giveaway from American Airlines, hop on a tour of multiple facilities at Boeing’s Seattle-area campus and new benefits for the AMEX Premier Rewards card. Read The Best of the Rest…..

Is Boeing Getting A Union At Their Non-Union Plant?

Boeing has long been a stalwart in the Seattle area, boasting multiple campuses and over 80,000 employees across Washington State.  In the late part of the last decade, Boeing was having labor troubles and opened up a bid process to build a new facility to support the growth of the 787. Union employees said it was retaliation for contract negotiations.  Boeing said it wasn’t so.  The moral of the story was a new facility in South Carolina.  What did South Carolina offer?  Lots of tax incentives.  And, a right-to-work state. […]