A Champion’s Moment in Sports

I’m not an NBA fan, and yet I couldn’t help but comment on last night’s NBA Finals game between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. LeBron James has been vilified more than Richard Nixon and I’m still not entirely sure why.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m neither a fan of Miami nor a big LeBron fan.  But, from a casual observer, he’s the most talented player I’ve seen since Michael Jordan. Last night, with roughly 4 minutes to play, LeBron fell and hurt his ankle, then started to cramp. […]

Another Shot At Lance Armstrong

The WSJ is reporting that the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) has brought charges against Lance Armstrong. I really did think it was over when the US government decided not to move forward with charges.  Heck, I even wrote about it. I guess there are no 3-legged dogs to kick or any olympic hopefuls to monitor.  Instead, Lance is now banned from racing in triathlons for fun. I really do hope this finally dies at some point.  I get the point that they (whoever the hell they is, I lost […]

A Brief Moment With New York Giants Legend Phil Simms

As a lifelong Giants fan, there are few people higher up the respect ladder for me than Phil Simms.  Giants fans weren’t wild about drafting the blonde haired kid from Morehead State, but I was a bit too young to (only 5) remember that.  When I found out I was going to get a chance to meet him, I took a stroll down memory lane.  Along the way I learned that the 49ers coach Bill Walsh actually planned on drafting Phil Simms later in the draft, instead of a celebrated […]

Mariano Rivera

I hope everyone won’t mind a brief moment to contemplate some sadness in my sports world. I always thought I would be a bit sad to see Mariano Rivera retire.  But in the same sense I thought it would be a happy moment, a celebration of the past 15 years, replete with championships and records, and the winning smile and attitude even his competitors couldn’t knock. We had hints that this might be the last year, and I was at peace with that.  But, not like this. He tore his […]

Yankees Update & Japan 787 Trip

Quick Yankees thoughts and some notes on my upcoming Japan trip: Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the opening of Fenway Park. There was a big celebration before the game between the Yankees and Red Sox, our first time playing them this season. Then, we kicked the crap out of them. Nick Swisher hit a bomb over the Green Monster. Eric Chavez hit two bombs, one over the Green Monster. A-Rod hit one into the seats. And, to round things off, Russell Martin hit his first homer of the season. […]

Ticked Off About Johnny Damon

Sorry for the initial blank post.  Not sure what happened. It was reported a couple of days ago that Johnny Damon was signing with the Cleveland Indians.  Until tonight, I hadn’t seen the numbers on the contract.  It’s being reported as 1 year, $1.25MM (or pennies more than what we paid for Ibanez). I wrote a while ago that I was pretty displeased with the Ibanez signing.   I still am.  He had a very average spring training, and a pretty nondescript first couple of weeks of the season.  Who knows?  […]

Couple of Quick Sports Notes

Joba Chamberlain was released from the hospital today, and Joe Girardi had this to say, “”I am optimistic that he is gonna pitch for us this year, I am,” manager Joe Girardi said Sunday.” Wishful thinking.  Initial reports are 4-6 weeks before he can even put weight on it.  That’s May.  And, Joba’s not exactly light on his feet.  I say no. On a separate note, Bert Sugar died today.  Anyone reading my blog for miles and points is unlikely to know Bert.  He was a gritty, old school boxing […]

Dear Bobby Valentine

Forgot to include this in my sports post last night.  I didn’t really think much of Bobby Valentine becoming the Red Sox manager.  It didn’t work out well for him with the Mets, despite some humor here and there.  And, with the Red Sox dismal collapse last year (can’t say much here, those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones), they probably needed someone with a bit more discipline. Bobby’s done his best to keep himself in the press since his hiring, but his most recent stint is really […]

A Busy Day In My Sports World

Where to start? Austin Rivers declares for the NBA:  Talk about my dream come true.  I wrote recently about how Austin Rivers was just plain bad for Duke.  Rivers is a nice kid.  He’s got a great Dad.  He should be a great pro in the NBA.  I truly wish him well.  He just wasn’t a good fit for Duke.  I wouldn’t categorize him like Corey Maggette, who also played for Duke for only 1 season.  He was just a punk.  Rivers has tons of talent but doesn’t like to […]