Another Shot At Lance Armstrong

The WSJ is reporting that the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) has brought charges against Lance Armstrong.

I really did think it was over when the US government decided not to move forward with charges.  Heck, I even wrote about it.

I guess there are no 3-legged dogs to kick or any olympic hopefuls to monitor.  Instead, Lance is now banned from racing in triathlons for fun.

I really do hope this finally dies at some point.  I get the point that they (whoever the hell they is, I lost track) want a high profile bust to keep future athletes from doping.  One would think Marion Jones and Manny Ramirez would have done that.  But, instead last year’s baseball MVP was banned from baseball for 50 games  ended up skating by the rules after an apparent violation.

The guy isn’t even competing in the TDF anymore.  Sigh.  Some people just aren’t going to let this die.

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