A Brief Moment With New York Giants Legend Phil Simms

As a lifelong Giants fan, there are few people higher up the respect ladder for me than Phil Simms.  Giants fans weren’t wild about drafting the blonde haired kid from Morehead State, but I was a bit too young to (only 5) remember that.  When I found out I was going to get a chance to meet him, I took a stroll down memory lane.  Along the way I learned that the 49ers coach Bill Walsh actually planned on drafting Phil Simms later in the draft, instead of a celebrated kid from Notre Dame.  No bones about it, I’m thrilled with the QB we got.

I was able to meet him at an industry function a couple of weeks ago.  I waited in line for quite some time and only ended up with about 90 seconds of time to talk to Phil.  Still well worth it.  I also ended up with a not-too-great quality picture of my brief meeting before I had to run to catch a cab to the airport.  One of the truly special moments in my sports rooting life.

Phil Simms



    1. Does a bear crap in the woods? Unfortunately, the event was held at Nordstrom this year instead of the usual Nike Store, so I didn’t think to buy a football ahead of time to have him sign. But I did get an autographed picture.

  1. The Chicago Bears crap everywhere! Man I’m going to have to educate you. I always have a 1dz baseball sitting in the back of the car and a occasional stray football from wal-mart. I once shocked Fergie Jenkins when I asked him to sign a couple baseball when I bumped into him at bookstore. 🙂 Glad you got to meet Simms he is really a great guy. I have met LT a few times and he has always been nice.

    1. Yeah, well. The function is always at the Nike store so I figured it would be easy to grab something once I got there. Besides, I had to fly to the conference, and a football doesn’t fit very well in my carry-on. 😛

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