Reminder: Free Points Today And Massive 150% Transfer Bonus

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Don’t forget to login to the Bilt Rewards app for multiple shots at free Bilt points as well as the chance to have Bilt pay your rent this month!  And, today is the only day to score that incredible Virgin Atlantic transfer bonus (up to 150% based on your status level).  I’ve decided to transfer my entire Bilt Rewards balance to Virgin Atlantic.  The only sad news there is that it’s less than 50K points since I cleared out my account for both the Hawaiian and Air France/KLM 100% transfer bonuses they had!

This month elite status comes into play in a big way with a transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic of up to 150%. You don’t even need to have the Bilt Rewards Mastercard to qualify, though spending on the card definitely boosts elite status.  I don’t ever recall seeing a bonus this big! Let’s break it down.

Virgin Atlantic Rent Day Transfer Bonus

Every Bilt Rewards member gets a generous transfer bonus this month. As you can see by the chart below, the bonus levels start at 75% and go all the way up to 150%.

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A 75% bonus is already better than pretty much just about everything out there.  But, if you have elite status you can really crank up the value here.

Why This Is Valuable

A good portion of the folks who read my blog are normal, everyday folks who don’t hold dozens of credit cards and elite status levels like me.  You’re just looking for the best deal, not to be a complete nerd like me.  You might be saying, “I don’t have plans to fly Virgin Atlantic to London, so this offer isn’t for me.”

You may be wrong.  Here’s why.

Using Virgin Points for flights on Virgin can be pricey because they add fuel surcharges to their awards.  Those fuel surcharges can be quite sizable.  But, you can avoid those fuel surcharges when you book partner awards.  In fact, I was just writing about this recently in regards to cheap award flights to Italy.  Getting to Asia using Virgin to book ANA flights is another great value.  You can use Virgin to book Delta flights as well.

This Ups The Ante On Elite Status

Up until now Bilt hadn’t done a ton to distinguish their status levels as a worthwhile achievement.  That changes on August 1st.  The effect of a 150% transfer bonus is that the 75,000 point business class flights to Rome can be had for just 30,000 Bilt Rewards Points.  That’s insane.  A family of four could fly to Rome in business class for less than what a friend of mine booked for one business class seat to Portugal today (125,000 United miles).

I don’t have any insight into exactly what else Bilt Rewards has planned for elite members, but I’ve seen enough of their track record to suspect that this won’t be the last incredible offer we’ll see.  With 100% transfer bonuses to Hawaiian and Air France (both of which I took advantage of), I don’t think this will be the last incredible offer.

Here’s Why I’m All-In On Bilt Rewards

Folks will say I’m biased because I have a relationship with Bilt.  Yes, if you apply for the Bilt Rewards Mastercard using my referral link I have a financial incentive.  But, there’s a ton of upside here.  Here’s how I see my Bilt Points.  I can earn the same amount on travel and dining (2X and 3X) that I earn with a Chase Sapphire.  However, with Chase all I’ve ever seen is a very occasional 20 or 30% bonus to a handful of programs like Air France or Virgin.

If I put my dining spending on my Bilt card and take advantage of a 100% transfer bonus, I’m really earning 6 points per dollar on dining.  That’s even better than the 4 points per dollar I earn on my American Express Gold card.  This 150% transfer bonus?  That’s like earning 7.5 points per dollar.

Don’t forget you can also earn bonus points on all your Lyft rides to boost your Bilt Rewards points balance and elite status.

And, since it’s Rent Day on August 1st you can also still earn points answering trivia questions and playing a new game they’ll be debuting.

The Final Two Pennies

Renters should absolutely be crushing the Bilt Rewards program to earn points and elite status.  Folks who aren’t renters are missing a big opportunity without the Bilt Rewards Mastercard in their wallet.  This is a no annual fee credit card that has the ability to really maximize your future travel.  As if 100% transfer bonuses weren’t enough to convince you, Bilt Rewards has now rolled out even bigger benefits with top-tier elite status.

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