Great Rent Day Promo: 100% Transfer Bonus To Hawaiian Airlines, One Day Only

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In 2022 Bilt Rewards introduced the concept of bonus earning on the first of each month, referred to as “Rent Day”.  It started with double points on all transactions (except for rent) on the first day of the month for Bilt Rewards Mastercard holders.  Now, Bilt has started announcing additional promotions for Rent Day, and this month is excellent.  In fact, I’m debating draining my entire Bilt Rewards account for this one.

100% Transfer Bonus To Hawaiian Airlines

On February 1st, for one day only, Bilt Rewards and Hawaiian Airlines are teaming up to offer what may very well be the most lucrative transfer bonus I can recall.  It will absolutely be the most valuable transfer bonus I’ve ever taken advantage of.  For one day only, for every Bilt Rewards Point you transfer to Hawaiian Airlines you’ll get two Hawaiian Miles. 

Hawaiian Airlines has an excellent lie-flat first class product.  They have lots of coverage on the West Coast as well as key cities such as Austin, New York and Boston. 

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First class awards can be difficult to find in big quantities but are usually available in for a couple of passengers.  And, first class upgrade awards can be an excellent value.  I’m pretty sure I’m emptying my Bilt Rewards account and transferring all my points to Hawaiian Airlines.  My only regret is that I don’t have more Bilt Rewards points.

Bilt Rewards is also adding to their Rent Day giveaway this month. On top of free rent you can also win a free round-trip to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines.  It’s free and easy to enter the giveaway!

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And, this is all on top of double points on most transactions on the first day of every month (capped at 10,000 bonus points per month).  That means you’ll earn:

  • 6 points per dollar on dining
  • 4 points per dollar on travel
  • 2 points per dollar on everything else (except rent)

The Final Two Pennies

This is the best Rent Day promotion that Bilt Rewards has announced.  You’ll also still be able to earn points on trivia on the first of the month as well.  I love those opportunities to pick up small chunks of points.  Most programs have moved away from them, but I think that customers enjoy winning points and it helps them remember why they’re loyal to a particular program.

You can enter to win the free Hawaii trips, free rent and trivia points even if you don’t have a Bilt Rewards Mastercard.  With the exception of not actually wanting to apply for a new credit card, there’s really no good reason to avoid this no-annual fee credit card.  It costs you nothing, has valuable bonus categories and partners nobody else has (American Airlines AAdvantage).

And, when was the last time any other credit card in your wallet got you a 100% transfer bonus to an airline or hotel program?

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