Match Your Airline Status To LATAM. Is It Worth It?

There’s a status match offer that launched recently which has been getting some buzz. You might be asking why a status match to an airline based in Latin America is of value to you.  It’s a valid question.  I’ll share my thoughts, but let’s cover the promotion first.

LATAM Status Match Offer

Chilean-based carrier LATAM is offering a status match opportunity in partnership with  You can match airline status from a sizable list of airlines to different levels of status with LATAM.  The chart below shows the mapping of status from each eligible airline to LATAM.

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There’s a $39 fee to apply for a status match. does a really good job of managing the process, something that airlines themselves weren’t particularly good at in the past.

You can see the benefits of the various status levels on the LATAM website. Some of the benefits are quite nice, such as lounge access for Platinum and Black level members.

Who Should Apply For The LATAM Status Match?

The most obvious folks who can benefit from this are people traveling to or from Latin America on a route that LATAM services.  They have a partnership with Delta and a few other airlines that extends some benefits for flights on those airlines, so it is possible to get nominal value outside of Latin America.

The other group of folks that might benefit from a status match opportunity like this are frequent travelers who saw their travel decrease in 2022.  If your status is due to run out in 2023 you could match that status to LATAM with the hopes that your airline of choice will let you use the LATAM status for a match with them.

The Final Two Pennies

I’m generally a big fan of elite status, especially with airlines.  One of the few silver linings of COVID was the elimination of change fees for pretty much all airlines.  That used to be one of the biggest benefits of elite status (reduced change fees).  Until those fees return, elite status isn’t as valuable as it used to be for many travelers.  Still, $39 is much less than what pretty much any airline would charge you for things like seat selection, priority boarding and free checked bags.  So, the bar is pretty low to get $39 in value from the LATAM status match.

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