New Amex Offers! Save Up To $150 On Marriott Stays

One of the things I consistently preach is that a credit card needs to consistently justify its place in your wallet.  There are some pretty solid credit cards out with no annual fee (Bilt Rewards Mastercard) or very low annual fees (Chase Sapphire Preferred).  As well, there are cards with higher annual fees that make it very easy to cover the cost of the annual fee.  Capital One Venture X is a card that’s quickly earned a primary spot in my wallet.  While the card carries a $395 annual fee you’re also entitled to a $300 statement credit every year that’s a rebate off of any travel you book in the Capital One Travel portal.

I hold a number of American Express cards and some carry pricey annual fees.  In addition, they don’t have the straight forward discounts that the Capital One Venture X card does.  I still find value in these cards but it can be a bit of work to make sure the annual fees are covered.  Two Amex Offers that seem to be widely available can help you burn down your Amex annual fees.

Save With Amex Offers

If you’re not familiar with Amex Offers, these offers are available when you login to the American Express website or app.  On the website you can scroll down on the homepage to find “Amex Offers” and the app has a tab labeled “Offers” at the bottom.

a screenshot of a card

Right now there are two Amex Offers that can save you up to $150 on upcoming Marriott stays.

a screenshot of a computerThe $100 credit on $500 is valid at Marriott’s luxury brands whereas the $50 back on $250 is for all the non-luxury brands.  According to the T&C the credit is only good on items charged to your room, including nightly room rate and, in theory, meals, etc that you’re able to charge to your room.  That means just charging $250 at a Marriott hotel for a meal or spa appointment may not qualify.

I was targeted for this on my American Express Gold, American Express Business Platinum and Delta SkyMiles Reserve Amex.

The Final Two Pennies

If you have a couple of Marriott stays coming up between now and the end of June this is an easy way to save $150.  Even if you’re not sure that you have a Marriott stay coming up you should add these offers to your Amex card.  It’s free to do so and you may not remember in the future to register if your plans change.  It’s also worth noting that even if you’re targeted on more than one Amex card, American Express will typically limit you to one offer redemption across all of your Amex cards.

The bloom is off the rose for me when it comes to Marriott but they’re still a very popular chain.  I imagine many of you can save at least $50 pretty easily with these offers.

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