Help Some Tiny Wings Fly

I’m getting ready to do something crazy again and I hope you’ll consider helping.  The two best ways you can help are by sharing this story with a friend and donating to our fundraiser.  Let me give you a bit of background.

Give Kids The World is a fabulous charity organization located in Central Florida.  They’re not terribly well-known, unless you’re a Disney nerd like me.  But, they perform a very important missions.  They house the Make a Wish kids who come to Disney World.

Thanks to the generosity of a hotelier, Give Kids The World was established 35 years ago to help make wishes come true for critically ill children.  The GKTW village is setup for families to stay (for free) in Orlando and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip where the answer is almost always “yes” to what kids want, including a pretty awesome ice cream setup.  Disney characters come visit the village and special transportation is arranged for families to visit the parks.  To date, Give Kids The World is closing in on 200,000 families hosted from 76 countries around the world.

A couple years ago, my buddy Summer Hull asked me to team up with her and plan a fundraiser.  We set out to ride every ride at Disney World in one day, and we asked people to pledge an amount per ride we completed.  On that crazy day, we covered almost 20 miles on foot and managed to score 41 rides in all.

a man and woman taking a selfie

We’re doing it again, this Wednesday, November 10th.  It’s been three years since we attempted the challenge. During that time, Give Kids The World had to shut down for part of the pandemic.  They’ve since reopened and we can’t wait to help raise some money for them.

a man and woman taking a selfie

We’ve also expanded the team, adding my podcast sidekick Richard Kerr and fellow travel blogger Jeanne from Le Chic Geek!  Disney World has significantly changed their rules so it’s unclear how many rides we can squeeze in.  It won’t be all of them, for sure, but I think 30 is within our grasp if we run fast enough.

You can help even without donating!  If you share this story with someone else, I’m going to be adding $10 to my donation for each person who donates at least $10 to our fundraising page.  So, spread the word and help us raise some money for a great cause.

The last time we did this we ended up utterly exhausted at the end of the day, a sweaty, wet mess giggling and exhausted ordering food from McDonald’s.  I’m hoping for a similar result this time, with plenty of donations to show for it!

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