18,000 Mile RT Award Flights To Europe And A Catering Strike That May Leave You Hungry

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We get started today with a Delta flash award sale. These are some excellent prices. Boston to London in Economy class for 18,000 miles round-trip? Or, Seattle-Tokyo round-trip for 34,000 miles. Two awesome values for you SkyMiles. I’m eager to see if they do some more business class award flash sales for Black Friday again this year.

While we’re talking Black Friday, be sure to check out the 40% off worldwide sale at Booking.com. You have until December 2nd to take advantage of these deals.

And, one more hit on Black Friday. Be sure to check out the Black Friday master postfrom master deal guru Jen at Deals We Like. She has everything Black Friday firmly under control. You’ll find a link to her Black Friday HQ in the show notes.

Point me to the Plane is pointing out the fact that if you’re flying this week, you might be going hungry. There’s a catering strike planned for 17 airports in the USfor Tuesday, November 26th. Big airline hubs like Newark, Chicago, Dallas and Denver. You may want to pack a snack or pick up lunch in the airport. Heck, given the current state of most airline catering, you’re better off picking up food in the airport anyway. My motto? Never rely on the airlines to feed you. It frequently ends in disappointment.

There’s a new travel gadgetthat frequent travelers are going bonkers over. If you’ve got bluetooth headphones and you travel, you need this. Check out the show notes for a link.

We wrap up today’s episode with news of a class action settlement against Wyndham hotels. If you stayed at a Wyndham hotel in the past 9 years, you might be entitled to some cash back in your pocket. Make sure you check into this to get your share of this settlement.

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